Johnson and Associates

Clients call us when they have something pressing on their minds - whether it is a major strategic or operational need or an organizational challenge. They look to us for solutions best suited to their organization.

With our broad experience across industries, functions, public, and private, we understand how human resources can partner with business.

We continue to help people and organizations seize opportunities, grow, and maximize profits.


"Daryl is one of those people who seems to be able to put it all together. An excellent HR and Leadership professional, who is also an extremely effective instructor who went out of his way to help students, not only in class, but as a mentor as they found employment. Additionally, as a colleague, he is supportive and knowlegeable about many different areas." - Don Schepens, CD, MBA, CHRP, CCP, Grant MacEwan College

"Daryl is highly regarded with his peers. He engages freely with others, bringing a sense of high regard in all his relationships. He demonstrates himself as an experienced thoughtful business person. He is an excellent team player bringing a refreshing sense of humor in his interactions. I highly recommend Daryl as a competent certified Executive Coach who can readily assist in creating solutions providing the competitive edge one needs to move forward." - Lori Hurst, Team Leader, BC Government 


Johnson and Associates' methodology has been designed to ensure a comprehensive, systematic and consistent approach to successfully improving organizational performance.

It embraces a holistic approach to the organization ensuring proper attention is given to the critical success factors in human resources and organizations.